Why to Choose Akshara Windows & Doors?

Ten Years Warranty

Our products come with an irresistible offer of 10 years warranty. While our superior production quality allows us to proclaim this, the fact is they last for even longer period than this.

Qualified Engineers

Akshara windows are made using the engineering expertise of qualified engineers from reputed CIPET institution. Be rest assured about your product, they come through qualified hands.

World Renowned Additives

We use special additives from world class brands, BAERLOCHER, DUPONT and KANEKA in our composition, making our doors and windows unique and durable.

Made In India

Specially blended Akshara profiles are sturdy as they are made in India with German technology. So our doors and windows withstand the extreme weather of India

High UV Resistant

Akshara uses high grade TiO2 formulation which contains high UV resistant pigment, so the windows and doors are well protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Low Filler Formulation

Our uPVC profiles are produced with very minimum filler formulation, efficient sealing system. This enables enhanced performance of our doors and windows.